The Five is a label based in Amsterdam that wants to represent those women who do not feel completely represented by the brands that are now available to them. We want to reach edgy outspoken women who are not afraid to wear something “out of the box”. We have started out with a tiny collection with a women’s suit as the returning central piece. With this iconic suit, available in multiple colors and fabrics, The Five wants to reflect the power of women and equality between men and women, especially the inequality that women still suffer around the world on various grounds. The suit for us is a symbol for that statement. Normally seen as a male item we want to reflect that the suit is just as much an item for women as it is for men, without losing femininity. The other pieces in our collection are supposed to reflect our vision and that statement.
The Five is not planning on following the set rules of fashion. We aim to make beautiful and high quality garments that survive the changing of the seasons to support the idea of slower fashion cycle. Our garments are classic and timeless with a twist and won’t lose their cool after just one season. We will release new items throughout the year that will compliment our vision piece by piece.
The Five